The Beyond Teambuilding way

Stronger teams achieve more

20 years of experience in creating and coordinating teambuilds.

Fully mobile and safe.

From 10 – 2000 people catered for.

1 hour to a full day.

Professionally facilitated.

Ideal for all levels of fitness.

Deliver fun and learning based outcomes.

First aid and safety provided.

As strenuous as you require.

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Team Training Gurus

A person learns more in an hour of play than in a lifetime of work. So we walk the talk. Your team benefits from active and engaging ‘learning and doing’ to show the impact of training.

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New & Fresh Teambuilds

Caches must be found, challenges must be completed, and your team must conquer all of the objectives to move forward and be the first team over the finish line with the most accumulated points.

Collaborate and negotiate with other teams to get the ingredients needed to create the ultimate cocktail.

Let the impossible become possible only as a team of cohesive individuals.

You and your team are approached by an old man at the Twin Trees Mall. He mumbles a lot and hands each person what looks like a cell phone each.

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The Beyond Teambuilding Way
Stronger teams achieve more