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back to the present


You and your team are approached by an old man at the Twin Trees Mall. He mumbles a lot and hands each person what looks like a cell phone each. You bring all the cell phones closer together and they suddenly power up and all start beeping. The SCREENS FLASH, they are flashing the word REBOOT and the floor starts to shake. You look down and realize you’re all standing on a big whirling pool of colours.

The flash clears and you look around.

The room is different now. It’s brighter and full of more furniture. There’s also smoke in the air like there was some kind of explosion. Against the wall, there’s a desk, an ancient-looking computer, and a calendar…that says 1985!

You must have really time travelled & you and your team now need to GET BACK TO THE PRESENT!!

This demands role delegation, cohesion, sharing of knowledge and stresses the need for a strategy to be followed by all members of the team. As race to get back to the present begins…




This is an Escape Room type game using an App on the delegates phones, Zoom and locked pdfs. Every participant will start off in one Zoom call before being introduced to an old scientist who beams them all back into the past.

During the time travel the participants have been split into teams of 5-7 people in separate Zoom Breakaway rooms. At this point each team will be in a race to get back to the present first.

This App will coordinate all tasks and allow the users to submit their answers in various formats.


Each activity includes full WhatsApp to keep your team engaged

A WhatsApp group is created with your team to ensure that engagement before, during and after the activity is at its peak. Our team will keep your audience engaged in the following ways:

  • Help in downloading the app.
  • Q&A Assistance
  • Creating a build up to the challenges. It can take sometime for a group to ‘warm up‘ and this platform facilitates this
    Applaud efforts by members
  • Don’t panic! It’s about quality rather than quantity
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a powerful motivator
  • Let group members talk about what they’re doing too

"Hey Lance! Just a quick well done to you guys as well: was great to have a challenge where Google doesn’t help! And all very well administered."

Leon Lexow, Reinsurance Group of America

“Hi KB and team Thank you so much for hosting and facilitating our teambuilding. It was our first virtual teambuild and we were all very impressed. We genuinely had a great time and will definitely consider Beyond Teambuilding in the future."

Tyron Sneewe , Allan Gray.

“Thank you guys for facilitating, we had a lot of fun! Those funny videos will come in a lot of use! And thank you again for the amazing services, being so friendly and accommodating on such short notice."

Aimi Lasania, Chief of Staff

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