Get your teams engaged with our indoors suite of interactive, creative, and thought-provoking teambuilding exercises. Build an animation movie, piece together a murder mystery, go for a TV-inspired game show, or have extra fun with the Variety Show package.



A day of fun, laughter and learning! Our diverse outdoor teambuilding activities will take teams from the office straight to the playfield for reality show-inspired classics like Amazing Race and Survivor, highly competitive racing and sports, fun summer games, and more.

Get Dirty!


Culinary teambuilding activities are guaranteed to bring teams together around the table to create the ultimate dish or beverage, from South Africa’s favourite potjie to sushi making and delectable cocktails and milkshake mixes.



Community teambuilding develops teams’ strength, unity and skills while giving back through charity projects and voluntary initiatives, be it meal packaging to stop hunger, animal shelter building, or fulfilling the needs of local schools and children.

Be Inspired

New and Fresh

Experiment with Rube Goldberg machine-inspired devices, robots and racing drones in exciting tech challenges based on the latest local and international teambuilding trends. Watch this space for fresh teambuilding adventures!

New Missions!


Our team facilitators and trainers provide experiential exercises and challenges to help teams understand the meaning of “Ubuntu”, and the interaction of strategy, tactics, execution, controls and team dynamics.

Build & Develop