One of the fundamentals behind a successful organization is the legacy or footprint it leaves behind.

Believe it or not, very few will remember companies for how much money they made! They will however be able to relate what significance you made to the world around us or the communities we serve. For this reason, we have developed a program that allows teams to “kill two birds with one stone”, and allow for our greater purpose to be served as well as allow our own people to develop alongside this.

Prison Break

Take teams out of their comfort zone, enter a real-life prison and take a look at a prisoner’s road to retribution.

Lock Down

Stop Hunger Now

Teams have to get organised to fit in with Stop-Hunger’s rigorous packaging schedule.

Join The Fight

Build a Bike Challenge

Teams assemble, decorate and donate bikes to children in the local area.

Build It

Provide for a School/Orphanage

Teams spend time at a school in need helping with various improvement projects.

Feed Kids

Puppy Shelter Build

Teams need to build custom-made puppy shelters for SPCA and dog handlers.

Help Pups