Team Building

Cape Town is back with another amazing teambuild.

The Murder Mystery concept is a unique and memorable experience, involving interactive roles and conversation among attendees. It’s perfect for team building and humorous entertainment. The event includes all necessary costumes and a knowledgeable facilitator who leads guests through the story. The event is a memorable and memorable experience.
A massive shout out to Cal Cacchio Waterfront for allowing us bring a mystery dinner to your gorgeous venue.

Incredible cocktail-making teambuilding activity.

In Cape Town, our incredible beyond Team hosted an outstanding cocktail-making teambuilding activity. Here, the teams were divided into groups and given guidelines on how to prepare and present a cocktail in a formal way. Each team received a grade from our facilitators based on how well their creation tasted, looked, and treated customers. The choice of which team was the best was challenging for our amazing facilitators. We appreciate everyone’s contributions to this fantastic teambuilding.

“kill yourself laughing.”

It is so hilarious that you might “kill yourself laughing.” The guests discuss the show for weeks after it airs because it is so unique. a distinctive and memorable experience. Highly interactive; you play the parts of the characters to truly become a part of the story, and guests converse with one another to solve the mystery.
Team building benefits greatly from observing your coworkers from a fresh angle. Our solution combines effective, fruitful team-building with amusing entertainment into one package.


All of the attendees’ costumes, including wigs, hats, dresses, guns, dazzling jackets, and make-up, are brought to the venue the day of the event along with everything else needed for the spectacle.


Beyond teambuilding provided Hirt and Carter H/O with the most delicious potjies

Beyond teambuilding provided Hirt and Carter H/O with the most delicious potjies 😍


The teams were provided with their own cooking kits which included all the necessary ingredients and cooking equipment. They were required to cook up a storm and allow the facilitator’s to be the judge and taste their delicious meal 🥘


Thank you so much to everyone who joined it was a fantastic team build.