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Looking for Innovation in your team?

No Team can be a high-performance team without innovation playing an important role. Robert Half, an American human resource consulting firm, has gone as far as believing that “team innovation is the backbone of every successful company.”

Innovation often means change and change for many people is seen as more work! It is essential to show the team that innovation actually comes easily if allowed. Too often we don’t even look for innovation because we are comfortable with what we have got. This comfort is the number one reason why innovation does not flow in a team.

At Beyond Teambuilding, we understand this concept and have gone so far as to not only include the “innovation factor” into most of our team builds, but we have even created team builds whose primary focus is to stimulate innovative thinking within the team:

  • Manic Motion, where the team has to create a Rube Goldberg machine that allows the flow to continue
  • Staying Alive, where we test the teams ability to survive in a challenging environment
  • The News Room, where you create the news; fake or not?
  • Animation station, where your animated creatures are used to tell a story
  • Music Video Creation, where the fantasy DJ in you comes to life.
Beyond Teambuilding pride ourselves in creating events, activities and challenges that push any team past mediocrity, allowing them to express themselves in a way that unleashes a team synergy that is often lying dormant. Our teambuilding is done in two definitive ways; formal and informal. Both have merit and are used to create the specific objectives of your particular team’s needs.

These activities are the catalysts to unleashing the innovative talent within your teams. When people are involved in a fun non-threatening activity, they tend to “have a go” as they do not feel pressured. Once we allow this to happen, it then creates confidence within the team to replicate the skill in their own work environment.

When was the last time you supported your employees by giving them innovation training and development? People need to be given the tools to think innovatively, and that includes keeping their knowledge and expertise up-to-date.

Beyond Teambuilding prides in creating events, activities and challenges that push any team past mediocrity. Get in contact with us to build your team, and allow them to express themselves in a way that unleashes team innovation.

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