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Surprising Team Building Benefits for Your Team

Most organisations choose team building to encourage collaboration and teamwork through engaging, fun and motivational activities. Teams build vital skills like communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution through a series of planned events that drive results.

However, in this post, we look at the unsung heroes of the team building benefits, which have a positive impact on your team development. Can you guess some of these?


Socialisations and networking skills in the workplace are important. Internal working relationships are as important as the external connections the team develops with its clients, partners, and customers.

Not only does networking increase morale in the office, but it also allows for the office to work better and become more productive in solving everyday workplace issues. Put simply, it is a vital skill to have among employees.

Beyond Teambuilding pride ourselves in creating events, activities and challenges that push any team past mediocrity, allowing them to express themselves in a way that unleashes a team synergy that is often lying dormant. Our teambuilding is done in two definitive ways; formal and informal. Both have merit and are used to create the specific objectives of your particular team’s needs.


Sometimes teams overlook the importance of celebrating successes – and even those failures that lead to better things. When sports teams win major championships, celebration is part of the deal. Why wouldn’t team building offer this prospect?

Encourage celebration, fun and cheering attitudes through team building. Celebration brings positivity and motivation for employees to up their game both in a personal and business context.


Aside from cooperation and teamwork, team building activities can enhance competition through developing competitive behaviours that stand well in the place of business and have been shown to increase production.

Channel the competitive spirit of your team with engaging and inclusive team building activities where individual employees or teams are free to compete against each other and derive benefits from doing so in a structured manner.

A well-facilitated and engaging team building event will add great value and return on investment (ROI).

The team building experience, formal or informal, is not recreational and includes process facilitation, debriefing, and reflective questioning.

Successful teams do what other teams are not prepared to do! Are you ready?

Take your team beyond with Beyond Teambuilding’s exciting events, activities and challenges that push boundaries and guarantee loads of fun.

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