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Teambuilding on a Budget? No problem!

Corporate events and teambuilding activities can become an expensive exercise for any organisation. If your company has a limited budget to work with, the following points can help to keep costs down while still having a great time.

Plan your event budget carefully

Your event expenses usually include venue, transport, accommodation, food/drinks, and costs with teambuilding activities. Being aware of all the costs incurred will help you determine where you can afford to cut costs, depending on your business goals and team requirements.

Keep activities costs within budget

If you are planning a team building event on a budget, it is best to focus on your choice of activities first and then the setting. While a great location and venue is important, team members are guaranteed to remember foremost the challenges, fun and excitement on the day. Invest in the activity.

Beyond Teambuilding pride ourselves in creating events, activities and challenges that push any team past mediocrity, allowing them to express themselves in a way that unleashes a team synergy that is often lying dormant. Our teambuilding is done in two definitive ways; formal and informal. Both have merit and are used to create the specific objectives of your particular team’s needs.

Select the right venue

The right choice of venue can do wonders for your low budget. Enquire about all-inclusive packages or group discounts that preferably include catering, accommodation and transport. Consider winter teambuilding to benefit from the low season rates offered by some venues.

Skimp on fancy catering

If budgets are limiting, consider a less expensive choice of catering, or look for more affordable menu options at your venue or event organisers. Outdoor picnics are a wonderful idea in summer, while hearty, inexpensive meals are perfect for the colder season.

Limit travelling

Often transportation takes a big chunk of any event’s budget. If a teambuilding on-site is not an idea to entertain, choose a venue not far from the business itself to keep costs down. Alternatively, incorporate the transfer budget in your teambuilding activity – just ask us how!

Make it super fun!

Finally, all the above considered, remember that a teambuilding event should be exciting, fun, inspirational and practical. Some of the best teambuilding activities and games can be set up with little, but achieve great results nonetheless. Keep this in mind next time you are budgeting for teambuilding events.

Successful teams do what other teams are not prepared to do! Are you ready?

Take your team beyond with Beyond Teambuilding’s exciting events, activities and challenges that push boundaries and guarantee loads of fun.

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